The Queen of Short Sales: Gina Clifford   

Gina Clifford
“The Queen of Short Sales”

Gina Clifford has negotiated and purchased millions of dollars of single family homes, apartment buildings and commercial property and created a fortune in real estate over time by practicing what she preaches.

Patience + Persistence = Profits.

Experiencing first-hand the frustrations of the real estate investment community, Gina made a commitment to share the principles of responsible investing. She has created a simple and systematic approach to guide investors through the world of investing with her favorite topic: foreclosures and short sales. Gina's short sale program is both comprehensive and straightforward. Gina wants to share with you her Short Sale System. She will share the principles, strategies and special nuances of this niche that she has created over the years for investors, realtors, mortgage brokers and entrepreneurs alike. The events and workshops are anything but fluff, Gina prides herself on teaching “Reality Real Estate”®

 Unlike many “Guru's” Gina not only speaks about investing in Foreclosures and Short Sales but she is actively working in the real estate market.  

Gina currently is the Host on a weekly radio talk show about Real Estate, Cultivating your Business, Personal Development, and spotlight on a successful Entrepreneur.” We Connect Radio” Connecting the dots between where you are and where you want to be, one entrepreneur at a time. The show is broadcast Sundays' at 9 AM CST on AM 560 WIND and streamed over the worldwide web.
Gina Clifford
“The Queen of Short Sales”

Presentations on the following topics:  (1 hour+)
Short Sales
Rapport & Negotiation
Treating your Small Business like a Big Business  
Presentations on the following topics:  (less than 1 hour)
Partnerships (five minutes to form five years to dissolve)
Motivation and Mindset
Public Speaking
Investment Real Estate for The Real Estate Agent Teaching your Realtor to do Short Sales for you
Building and Cultivating a Database
Real Estate and Divorce
Construction and Rehabbing for the Novice
Hybrid Real Estate (Subject To's and Short Sales)
Training products available for students  (on many Hot Topics)
Home Study Course(s)
Live Training Event(s) 1, 2, and 3 Day Events
Audio/Dvd Training
“Rookie to Royalty” Mentorship Program
“Knights of the Round Table” Mastermind Program
“Short CityplaceSale Tutor” Web Based Training Program

         To book an interview or a speaking engagement, call (630) 883-4210.